Kybella “Double Chin” Treatment

Kybella “Double Chin” TreatmentDouble Chin

In our progressive Georgetown, Kentucky medspa we get many clients who complain about what aging has done to their looks. One of the most common complaints is what is known as that old “double chin” (medical term for it is “submental fat”). Fortunately we have a double chin solution called Kybella that works great for our Central Kentucky clients.

The name of this product is called Kybella and it was specifically designed to minimize or eliminate submental fat. If you have a double chin you are probably frustrated by the fact that it can make you look older than you are.

Diets and exercise are usually ineffective at eliminating submental fat. Double chins are often times heredtary and little can be done to prevent the onset. You can thank your parents for passing along the family double chin standard.

No worries as Kybella is an all natural chin fat removal injection. It helps eliminate your multiple chin catastrophe by melting away the sub epidural fat cells. Avoid costly plastic surgery for your double chin and try our affordable medspa remedy instead.

Kybella is applied by one of our licensed nurse practioners in a clean and sterile environement.

What is Kybella?

kybellaKybella is the only FDA approved treatment that fights submental fullness or what is more frequently referred to as a “double chin”. It is a non-surgical process that injects the medicine right into the fatty tissue under your chin. Kybella’s main ingredient is a naturally occurring chemical in your body called “deoxycholic acid” whose main function is to break down pockets of fatty tissue.

The treatment itself is virtually painless and is usually completed in a less than a one hour visit. It usually takes 2 – 4 treatments over a period of a few months to get the full effect. Often times it is not necessary to ever have the Kybella treatment again.

The most common side effects are redness, slight swelling and tenderness but these are usually minor in nature.

How Much Does Kybella cost?

That varies with the exact type of treatment you will receive and the length of that treatment. All that will be gone over with you after you have your free consultation with one of our medically licensed Kybella treatment specialists.

Why Us for Submental Fat?

We have been helping our Central Kentucky clients with successful age defying treatments for years. We combine our highly effective treatments with some of the best customer service you will ever receive from a wellness establishment.

We specialize in administering derma fillers such as Kybella, the latest skin rejuvenating techniques, medically supervised weight loss and more. Bluegrass Medical Aesthetics offers a huge variety of medspa services all under one roof.

As you age it is inevitable that your body will let you down in one way or another. So don’t be a chump! Keep your chin(s) up and schedule a consultation with one of our Kybella specialists today.