Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Women and men alike in Kentucky are realizing that their ancestral fur is no longer necessary. Laser hair removal is here for as long as Lexington remains south of Siberia. Modern people prefer the clean and smoother looking skin and intimate areas over the “bushy” look of the 1980’s.

Hair removalKentuckians are no different than millions of other Americans when it comes to having unwanted hair on their body. We all have unwelcome hair on our bodies that we’d like to get rid of.

BMA can help because laser hair removal is an area that our Georgetown, Kentucky medspa just happens to specialize in. Every day we treat people with our natural, proven, permanent hair removal technique.

Women tend to want hair removed from places above the lip, chin, under your arms or near your bikini line. BMA can treat all of those areas for hair removal with our state of the art hair removal laser.

Laser Hair RemovalAre some of you ladies sporting sideburns? Do you have chin hair that sprouts up and keeps coming back pluck after after painful pluck? Stop looking like the sister of Sasquatch and make an appointment with Bluegrass Medical Aesthetics!

Many men would love to have that embarrassing baboon like back hair removed but are too “manly” to call the medspa. Chicks dig guys that they don’t have to dig through hair to touch.

Creams are great at getting that unwanted hair off but it soon grows back and waxing is extremely painful to put it mildly. Hair removal creams can cause burning of the skin and put of noxious fumes. That is why so many people seek out medspas like ours that offer the best laser hair removal treatments you will find anywhere.

Come visit our Central Kentucky medspa. We will help you with a permanent hair removal procedure that will leave you looking great. You’re an American.  Exercise your right to “bare” arms, not grizzly bear arms.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal is a time tested method for getting unwanted hair permanently removed on areas of your body. Laser hair removal is fast, safe and can be performed on just about any skin type.

Laser hair removal treatments usually last anywhere from 20 – 45 minutes and the results can be immediately seen. Up to 15% of the body hair in an unwanted area can be removed in a single session. Most people will receive anywhere from 6 – 10 treatments in order to get the exact results they desire.

How does the laser remove the hair?

When the laser penetrates your skin down to the follicle it creates heat. That heat destroys the hair follicle and prevents the hair from returning. This is called a permanent hair removal process because the dead follicle will never produce hair again.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

There is a little sensation for most people when they receive the treatment but painful is not how most people describe the process. It is often compared to a rubber band being snapped lightly against your skin.

Smooth laser hair removal legs
Laser hair removal legs

Why choose BMA medspa for laser hair removal?

We have been helping our Central Kentucky patients solve their unwanted hair problems for many years now. We offer laser hair removal for men and women that is effective, virtually painless and permanent.

All the treatments that we offer in our Georgetown medspa are done by licensed professionals or medical doctors. We pride ourselves on having outstanding customer service. We have become one of the most reputable medspas in central Kentucky and we look forward to serving all your beauty and aesthetic