EyelashesLatisse For Eyelashes

Are you looking to have longer, thicker eyelashes? Latisse has an excellent solution for women who’ve struggled to enhance their eyelashes with over the counter makeup and mascara.

Women spend a lot of time and money using mascara to augment their eyelashes. The problem is many women do not have enough of an eyelash base. Thin to almost non-existent eyelashes are a problem for those who weren’t blessed with Betty Davis eyes.

If applied too thick, mascara can look caky and unsightly. If you suffer from not having enough hair on the tips of your eyelids then our Georgetown, Kentucky medspa has a product called “Latisse” that can help.

The eyes are the windows to our souls. Our eyelashes are like the window treatments that everyone notices when they look into your eyes. Women with thin eyelashes can now have those thicker, longer eyelashes they’ve always desired without having to use clip ons from K-Mart.

It can make you self-conscious if you have very thin or non-existent eyelashes. Latisse treatments can help you regain confidence and give your eyes that gleam.

What Is Latisse?

Latisse is a prescription product that has been very successful in helping individuals that want to make their eyelashes grow longer latisseand thicker. It is one of the best eyelash growth products that has ever been introduced and our Georgetown medspa is pleased to provide it to our patrons.

It is a prescription medicine that is now in widespread use across the country for eyelash enhancement. It comes in topical solution form that is easily applied to the edge of your eyelids. Studies have shown Latisse to be effective in around 78% of people.

The results from Latisse are not realized overnight. Most of the time it takes around 8 weeks to start seeing the results of using this as an eyelash growing product. The topical solution should be applied daily for maximum results. The full effect of Latisse usually is visible around week sixteen and the effect it has on peoples eyelashes is often quite dramatic.

Why Choose Our Medspa for Latisse Eyelash Treatments?

Some Lexington medspas may not have a product like Latisse because it requires a prescription. Normally you’d have to see an optomotrist or opthamologist to get a Latisse prescrition. Fortunately we have a licesnsed Nurse Practioner who is able to write prescritions such as Latisse for our clients.

We have built a reputation as one of Central Kentucky’s best medspas. We have a high success rate with our medically supervised treatments to compliment our customer service. That is why people from Lexington, Georgetown and all over Central Kentucky choose us for all of their medspa services. We have licensed and experienced professionals performing all our treatments and they are done using the latest precision equipment available.

So the next time you need a Latisse treatment to grow your eyelashes thicker or any other service such as laser hair removal, Botox or a medically supervised weight loss program; make sure you stop in our Georgetown medspa or give us a call to schedule you for a free consultation.