Vitamin Injections

Vitamin Injections

You may have heard recently about a popular new treatment that many celebrities are getting to help them look and feel better called vitamin injections. Well you don’t have to live in Hollywood to get this done because we offer vitamin injections right here in our Georgetown, KY medspa office.

That means that if you live in Georgetown, Lexington or in Central Kentucky, you can conveniently get some star treatment. You’ll look and feel better with our specially formulated dose of vitamins.

Vitamin B12 InjectionDon’t feel you need a vitamin injection because you take an over the counter vitamin supplement? Well guess again. Most over the counter vitamin supplements are synthetically produced vitamins. Your body has a difficult time making full use of these vitamins. More often than not, orally ingested vitamins are passed through the stomach and excreted in the urine without any beneficial use at all.

With an all-natural and painless vitamin injection, the vitamins go right to where they are needed and go to work instantly. The vitamins are injected directly into the bloodstream so that your body can reap the full benefits while producing minimal waste. That is why this treatment is becoming so popular.

What do vitamin injections help?

Vitamin injections can increase and balance energy levels, helps hair, skin, nails, and alleviates under eye circles. You’ll experience less food cravings and have more restful sleep. When injected into the bloodstream vitamins have a better direct effect on the body than taking them in pill form.

This is very good for vegans and vegetarians who may be nutrient deficient. These injections contain essential vitamins for cardiovascular, nervous, and immune systems.

The Fat Burner injections include a lipotropic agent, along with a B-Complex that helps maximize weight loss by aiding in the metabolism of fats.(Great for our medical weight loss programs!)

Vitamin balance

So whether you want a beneficial vitamin injection that will help your face glow, a rejuvenating and healthy chemical peel for your skin or to enroll in a medically supervised weight loss plan; our Central Kentucky Medspa offers all those and a whole lot more.

Our Medspa is located in Georgetown which is only a short drive from Lexington. Give us a call or stop in and get some more information from our friendly staff on all the wonderful all-natural treatments that we have to offer you.