Medically Supervised Weight Loss

A Weight Loss Program THAT WORKS.

Losing weight on your own is not easy. Our medically supervised weight loss programs can give you a new perspective on health and fitness! Healthy weight loss is our goal so that you can restore your body’s natural energetic and nutritionally balanced state. We strive to make losing weight easy, manageable and enjoyable. Our patients are so excited to see the weight start coming off! It is not uncommon for our patients to lose 30 pounds or more while they’re on our programs!

We Provide:

  • Complete medical supervision with One-on-One weigh-ins
  • Nutritional guidance to help take out the guesswork
  • Long- term weight management coaching
  • A full line of nutritional supplements

How It Works:

Men and women alike often need accountability when it comes to losing weight. We always have you meet with a provider for a weight loss consultation, so we get to know YOU. This way we get to know what works, what doesn’t, your goals, and to always make sure that you are medically qualified to pursue any of the programs. We offer two prescription medications, meal replacement and one-on-one coaching. Our providers will discuss our programs in great detail to see what program works best for you and your lifestyle! We can’t wait to meet with you and start this journey together.

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